Start a GSA

10 Things to Remember:

  • Know your rights
  • Find a supportive teacher or administrator (or other adult in the community) to mentor your group
  • Build a coalition by finding other supportive students & organizations
  • Find a safe space to hold meetings
  • Create a purpose & mission statement
  • Create a constitution! Remember to include: rules for conduct; outlines of meeting timing and structure; job descriptions & election procedures for officers/leaders
  • Plan meeting topics and structures well ahead of time, and have guest speakers!
  • Be a better advocate by staying informed of terminology, current events, and laws
  • Network with other GSAs in your area – Share ideas and collaborate on events
  • Stay visible – Advertise; participate in or plan protests, demonstrations, festivals, fundraisers, or other events in your school or community

For a more detailed guide to creating and maintaining a GSA, please visit GLSEN’s Jump-Start Guide for Gay-Straight Alliances!

Good luck!